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Experienced Growth Capital

Proven, Mission-Driven Partners For Growing Technology Businesses

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Proven Partners

Colorado River Partners invests $10 - $50 million in growing, recurring software and technology services businesses serving large markets.


We have founded, built, and exited multiple, multibillion dollar technology businesses. We've sat in your seat and navigated similar challenges over decades of experience.


With 30+ years of combined investing experience at market leading firms, we have supported teams like yours through good times and bad to achieve their objectives.


We focus our capital, expertise, and network to help our partner companies fulfill their mission and exceed their growth goals.


We are committed to positively impacting all stakeholders - leadership, employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, community, and environment.


We measure ourselves and our partner companies on financial outcomes and stakeholder impact, providing support to achieve both.

With flexible, patient capital, we seek to maximize our shared equity over the long term, absent of artificial timeframes.


We maintain a small portfolio and serve on fewer boards. We provide ample support to each partner company in a peer-to-peer fashion investing material personal capital and time.

Patient Capital

Colorado River with downtown Austin Texas.jpg

Inject Growth

MIssion-Driven and Proven Patient Growth Capital For Software and Technology Services

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